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Address: 4/F, Zhongshan garden No.213
Zhaohui Rd, Hangzhou 310014
P.r. China
Postcode: 310014
Tel: 0571-85871510, 85871590
Fax: 0571-85304444
China brick & tile industry association was established on July 5, 1996Now, there are 3783 members distributed in the fields of building materials industry , coal industry, construction industry, power industry etc. everywhere in the country.
The association is composed of 156 directors with 45 permanent directors out of which the president and 13 vice presidents have been elected. Seven function departments are set up in the association, namely the secretariat, production technology and information, personnel training, enterprises management, mechanical equipment, sand-lime brick and technical consultant services.
Main Actives
1. A comprehensive survey pf fundamental date was conducted over the whole industries in the aim to assist the government in drawing up the industrial development program;
2. Technical service was conducted according to the present state of the industry, existing problems and demand of the enterprises so that enterprises progress has been accelerated and economic effects have been rapidly raised;
3. Forcefully promoting the production of hollow blocks in saving raw materials and energy, and making full use of the waists to accelerate the walling materials renovation;
4. Checking on and supervising over products quality
5. Conducting workshop of technical training, quality control and new products development etc. to raise the overall enterprise quality;
6. Send various technical materials, magazines, the association journals and other useful information timely;
7. Report to the government departments concerned the demand and desire of the member enterprises in light to help the government to strengthen industrial management;
8. Promote technical and economic alliance and cooperation among enterprises;
9. Carried out international exchanges and cooperation among enterprises;
10. Maintain equal competition and market price and save guard the legal right of the enterprises;
The activities have been very fruitful and highly praised by both government and members.
All organizations and enterprises that are related to brick and tile industry are welcome to join us and/to form cooperation in diversified ways with us to contribute our joint efforts to the development and prosperity of the industry.

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